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Carbon Capture

China to cap rising emissions by 2030 in boost to Paris United Nations deal

... research and development (R&D) and commercialisation demonstration for low-carbon technologies, such as energy conservation, renewable energy, advanced nuclear power technologies and carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and to promote the technologies of utilising carbon dioxide to enhance oil recovery and coal-bed methane recovery ". Brazil also pledged to restore and reforest an ...

Tone: 2.10%
Pol: 6.30%
Act: 20.80%
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Climate Change

My Travels With Pope Francis -

... were praising the encyclical as a major moment in which the moral weight of religion - from one of the world's leading religious figures - was being aligned with the fight against climate change. But critics saw Francis as nave and wrongly inserting himself into the world of science. I expect Francis will find moments to promote his environmental position during the trip (such as ...

Tone: 1.65%
Pol: 5.56%
Act: 20.68%
Per: 0.41%
Que: 5.00%
Exc: 3.33%

(940 words by



Solar-powered plane lands in Hawaii, pilot sets nonstop record | Reuters

... the globe with an aircraft powered only by the sun's energy landed in Hawaii on Friday, after a record-breaking five-day nonstop solo flight across the Pacific Ocean from Japan. The Solar Impulse 2 is the first aircraft to fly day and night without any fuel. Pilot Andre Borschberg's 120-hour voyage shattered the 76-hour record for nonstop flight by late American adventurer Steve ...

Tone: ~1.15%
Pol: 3.45%
Act: 21.26%
Per: 0.57%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


2 Articles

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How an Iran Nuclear Deal Would Upend U.S. Non-Proliferation Policy - Washington Wire - WSJ

... the United States became a proliferation hawk. In 1968 President Johnson signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) that was to regulate civilian nuclear programs. Peaceful nuclear energy has industrial uses, but the U.S. government position held that there was no need for states to enrich uranium to benefit from atomic power. It was U.S. policy that becoming a signatory of the NPT ...

Tone: ~0.72%
Pol: 8.42%
Act: 19.37%
Per: 0.12%
Que: 3.57%
Exc: 1.79%


(799 words by



75th birthday of Kazakhstan strongman raises questions on country's future | Reuters

... criticise him for crackdowns on freedom of speech and assembly. In 2011, he showed his readiness to adopt openly tough measures to curb dissent when a strike over pay and conditions in the oil town of Zhanaozen and a nearby village, escalated to riots. Police shot dead at least 15 people and a critic of the President was later jailed for more than seven years on charges of rallying oil ...

Tone: 0.69%
Pol: 7.83%
Act: 19.12%
Per: 0.69%
Que: 6.45%
Exc: 0.00%


12 Articles

(837 words by



The ultimate guide to Australias future energy options - The Science Show - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

... technological impediments to setting up a nuclear industry. Developing such an industry, and the professionals needed to run it, would take decades, says Baldwin. How does it work? Geothermal energy taps into the heat stored below the surface of the earth. Just a couple of meters under our feet, the grounds remains at a fairly constant temperature. If you go down further, however, things ...

Tone: 1.24%
Pol: 5.24%
Act: 24.98%
Per: 1.88%
Que: 21.95%
Exc: 0.61%


(2244 words by


Renewable Energy

Wind Energy: Back Door For Fuel Cell Respectability? | CleanTechnica

... clean? Most hydrogen produced today comes from fossil natural gas through the steam-methane reforming, or SMR, process - and unless hydrogen can be produced competitively from renewable energy, fuel cell technology risks hitting fossil status, itself. Disclosures Fuel cells are a polarizing technology (hey, like sunglasses!) thanks in part to boys who cried "fuel cell vehicle ...

Tone: 1.95%
Pol: 5.34%
Act: 23.36%
Per: 0.30%
Que: 11.54%
Exc: 2.56%


(1817 words by


Carbon Credits

Canadians Remain Deeply Skeptical About Carbon Pricing

... April illustrates the lack of commitment to, and deep skepticism about, carbon pricing in Canada. Only one-third of Canadians "strongly support" Canada as a whole joining or forming a cap and trade system. No region of the country has a majority of strong support. Support is weakest among the western provinces and Ontario, and lowest overall in Alberta. Even lower levels of support were ...

Tone: ~0.37%
Pol: 8.97%
Act: 22.62%
Per: 0.37%
Que: 0.00%
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