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Carbon Capture

U.S. lawmakers tour Saskatchewan's carbon capture and storage project

... U.S. lawmakers tour Saskatchewan's carbon capture and storage project The Canadian Press Thursday, August 27, 2015 ESTEVAN, Sask. U.S. presidential candidate Lindsey Graham is praising carbon capture and storage technology in Saskatchewan and says it's time to pursue similar projects in his own country. The Republican senator for South Carolina was part of a delegation of U.S. lawmakers ...

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Climate Change

UK proposes end to small-scale renewable support next year - Yahoo News

... for small-scale solar projects, change the way renewable projects qualify for payments and modify subsidies for biomass plants. Figures published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change show the cost of renewables subsidies could reach 9.1 billion pounds ($14 billion) a year by the 2020/21 tax year compared with a proposed budget of 7.6 billion. The so-called Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) ...

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Panasonic to shut battery factory in Beijing, cut 1,300 jobs | Reuters

... was the main customer of the plant in its early days, according to the Nikkei business daily. Panasonic took over the plant from Sanyo Electric, a leading maker of lithium-ion batteries and solar panels which it acquired in 2010. The deal failed to bring in much growth due to the emergence of South Korean manufacturers, analysts say, and the Japanese firm has since sold several Sanyo ...

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Iran may have built extension at disputed military site: U.N. nuclear watchdog - Yahoo News

... to create confidence it will not be put to developing nuclear bombs, in exchange for a removal of sanctions crippling its oil-based economy. Iran has said it seeks only peaceful nuclear energy. Iran has for years been stonewalling the IAEA inquiry into possible military dimensions (PMD) to its nuclear project. But the Islamic Republic delivered on a pledge under the roadmap to turn over ...

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Exporters run for high ground as China growth story unravels | Reuters

... new installations. "As a sales market, you will have to look at other regions," he said. Solar power, too - a key strategic industry for China - is a closed shop for foreign suppliers, and in coal power generation, which produces most of China's electricity, Chinese suppliers dominate the market. A rise in Chinese competition has sometimes come from unexpected quarters. Tate & Lyle is ...

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Oil prices rise more than 4 percent as equities rally | Reuters

... LONDON Oil prices jumped more than 4 percent on Thursday after a rally in equity markets and an unexpected fall in U.S. crude inventories, but worries over the health of the Chinese economy and a global oil glut kept the outlook uncertain. World stock markets rallied on Thursday as Chinese shares recovered on hopes that government measures to stimulate the economy would pay off, while the ...

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Is Natural Gas the New Gold? - MoneyBeat - WSJ

... When the market is shaky, seek safety in natural gas. Wait - what? Citigroup Inc. is touting natural gas - a commodity so notorious for volatility that its most renown bet is called the "widow maker" - as a possible haven for investors weary of the market's wild swings. A sluggish global economy, a staggering China and plummeting oil prices have sent commodity, currency and stock markets ...

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East Africa sees regional power links ready in 3 years: official | Reuters

... and Tanzania," Njoroge told a regional power conference. "The regional power interconnection project is a very critical solution," he said. Kenya, which relies heavily on hydro power, geothermal and other renewables, aims to expand installed capacity to 6,700 mega watts (MW) by 2017, from about 2,500 MW currently, and cut bills to consumers. Tanzania aims to double generation to 3,000 MW by ...

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